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    Restaurant & Bar

    Lovely. Just the way a day should end.

    After exciting endeavors in Hamburg or a conference, a relaxing evening awaits you: we would love to welcome you for a drink or snack in our stylishly designed bar - to simply unwind or celebrate. 
    In our Bar menu you will find a broad range of drinks that caters for all tastes. And in addition: some interesting information on all you need to know  about spirits like gin, rum and whiskey. Here you can find out more about the origin and production of the different spirits: from Plymouth to Sloeberry Gin, from Ron Centenario 20 to Whisky from the Scottish Low and Highlands.
    So that you can already have a look at our favourite drinks, here we have the BAR menu for you: BAR menu 
    Have a great time! 
    Your BAR-team