A magnet for landlubbers

700 meters of the big wide world: that’s the length of the Landungsbrücken and there is hardly any other place for newcomers in Hamburg, where you can experience the maritime charm of the city as compactly as you can here. In front of you lies blue water with cruise liners, ships and sailing boats, behind you the colorful souvenir shops, traditional fish stands and above it all the sun is smiling. Life is good in Hamburg!

What you often forget while strolling along the Landungsbrücken is the fact that you aren’t walking on solid ground but on a pontoon. These floating landing stages have a long tradition in this Hanseatic city. The very first were built as early as 1839. Not only because the steamboats could more easily dock here, but also because coal for the engines could be stored here. The pontoons here at the Landungsbrücken today were built in 1955. And what’s more: the Landungsbrücken are not only are a real magnet for landlubbers from around the world, but have also served as a movie set. Among others scenes from “Confessions of Felix Krull” and the road movie “Magical Mystery” were partly shot here. In “Target” Hollywood stars like Gene Hackman und Matt Dillon even filmed wild chasing scenes on the bridges. And twice a year the Landungsbrücken are truly ready for Hollywood: at the Harbor Anniversary Celebrations and especially at New Year’s - and that without a script. It’s when bright fireworks turn the whole harbor into a magical wonderland of colors and at the stroke of midnight all the ships welcome in the New Year by blowing their horns. And that’s a moment that even sends chills down the spine of long-time residents of Hamburg.