Welcome to our Hamburg

There is so much to discover in our beautiful city - that’s why you need a good plan. To this end we have put together the best tips on these pages just for you: so you don’t miss out on the important stuff and get to experience a couple of unknown and unique sides of Hamburg. Of course we have included the most interesting sightseeing attractions, which you can easily reach on foot from the hotel, as well as the current event highlights in town.

To top it off we here at the MADISON have also written down our truly personal insider tips for you. We let you in on where the locals prefer to go shopping, for a walk or out for dinner or to just hang out. Then you can chose what best suits you and head out and explore Hamburg on your own. If you have any questions, we will happily answer them here at the hotel. And as we say here in the North: Denn man tau! - Time to get going!