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In 2017, we published our first THE MADISON Magazine. Since then, we provide you with the latest sightseeing tipps and Hamburg reports regularly.




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Eleventh Magazine

It is with great pleasure that we present the latest issue of THE MADISON MAGAZINE to mark our 30th anniversary and look back on a wonderful time with pride and gratitude.

We take you on a journey into the past, relive memories and present fascinating personalities who have accompanied our hotel on its journey. And, of course, the best highlights and insider tips for our beautiful city are also included as well.


Tenth Magazine

We are pleased to present the latest version of our THE MADISON MAGAZINE, which is dedicated to Hamburg's summer days. You can expect exciting stories from Hamburg and interesting news & tips from the MADISON.

We tell you where and how you can enjoy the sunny days and warm evenings at their best, visit Malte Jahn, who supplies us with fresh herbs, and of course take a look behind the scenes at the MADISON. Our house technician René Griebel tells us what tasks need to be done and takes you into his daily work routine for a day.


Ninth Magazine

We always look forward to seeing you. But this year, 2022, especially. On the one hand because we have missed you very much during the last two years; and due to the circumstances, we were not always allowed to be the hosts we would have loved to have been. On the other hand, because we used the time to smarten up the MADISON for you. We have renovated bathrooms, replaced carpets, renovated rooms, created numerous newsletters, optimized the WiFi and a whole lot more. But a few things have remained the same. First: Our great team – of whom we are especially proud. Second: Hamburg - the most beautiful city in the world right at our doorstep.


Eighth Magazine

The last few months have been challenging for all of us. We are therefore overjoyed and very proud to present our new magazine to you.

After more than seven months of lockdown, we can finally welcome you back to our MADISON. Unlike other hotels, our MADISON was open right through the lockdown phases. You can read about how we experienced this time on page 26 of the magazine. One thing in advance: It wasn't all bad! And then it’s also about what we’ve all missed the most: joie de vivre, going out, experiencing - and of course the most beautiful city in the world.


Seventh Magazine

Summer in Hamburg is bare feet on warm sand, watching big ships ply the Elbe. Summer in Hamburg is pedalling around the Alster on your bike, then rewarding yourself with a cool Alsterwasser on a jetty as the sun goes down. Summer in Hamburg is meandering through the alleyways of Ottensen, Schanzenviertel and the Portuguese Quarter, getting carried away by the activity on the street and staying out late at night. Summer in Hamburg is sauntering through the city centre, gleaning inspiration from designer stores and treating yourself to something nice. Summer in Hamburg is seeing out the evening on one of countless exquisite restaurant and bar terraces, enjoying the view. Summer in Hamburg is … so much more besides! And we’d like to show you some of it.

Sixth Magazine

Exciting stories from Hamburg and interesting news from our MADISON Hotel are waiting for you. So you can take a look behind the scenes of the planetarium with us and discover Hamburg's chocolate museum "Chocoversum". And because we live our motto "Passion for People" every day at the MADISON, you will also read new and interesting things about our hotel: for example, who is behind the great interior, how the Block House is connected to the MADISON and what our hotel director Thomas Kleinertz does during his workday.


Fifth Magazine

This magazine focuses on the summer time. Because we think: The summer is nowhere else as enjoyable as in Hamburg. We tell you where you can spend sunny days and warm evenings at it's best. Together, we visit little Santosh at one of the most famous zoos in Germany - and, of course, we take a look behind the scenes of our MADISON. Our trainees let you in on how a day at the MADISON looks like and Hamburg's best baker - Björn Hönig - reveals his secret of success - since all of our morning rools are freshly baked in his bakery. 


Fourth Magazine

This issue has it all: we can hardly believe it ourselves, but THE MADISON Hamburg celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2018! Time to say thank you. To our team, which does an outstanding job and many of whom have been here since the very beginning. And to you, our guests, who should feel at home with us and who inspire us again and again, helping us to improve. Read about how it all began: on the following pages, we revive old memories and introduce you to exciting personalities who have accompanied MADISON on its journey.


Third Magazine

In this third issue of THE MADISON MAGAZINE, we have lots of tips for things to do and places to visit on sunny days - and when it rains.

For example, how about a stroll through the Speicherstadt in Hamburg's docklands - the world's largest complex of historic warehouses? And summer in Hamburg just wouldn't be the same without open-air events: the Hafengeburtstag, street festivals, the Hamburg Marathon and, of course, the public screening of the FIFA World Cup. 

Second Magazine

Autumn is coming. This means that it's time to ensure a few bright spots. So, our second issue of THE MADISON Magazine comes just in time.

Have you heard the sound of the Michel-trumpeter, during one of your stays at our hotel? We tell you about the Europe-wide unique tradition. Or how about a stroll through the Christmas markets or the exciting quarters of Hamburg? Have a look at our magazine! 


First Magazine

We proudly present the first issue of our new THE MADISON Magazine. 

You ask yourself why we are publishing a magazine? Because we think, that Hamburg is always worth a visit - now, more than ever. And becausse we want to whet your appetite for discovering our beautiful city Hamburg.