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    A Special “Class Reunion” to Celebrate 20th Anniversary of THE MADISION Hamburg

    Marlies Head welcomes over 50 former apprentices

    They came from across Germany, from England and Switzerland to congratulate Marlies Head: over 50 former apprentices who had during the past two decades completed their education at THE MADISON to become qualified Hotel Specialists came to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Four Star Superior Hotel. Celebrating with them were also four employees who have been with THE MADISON since it opened its doors on December 6th, 1993. Since the beginning THE MADISON has ranked as one of Hamburg’s top hotels winning over the hearts of its guests. The outstanding occupancy rate of 85 percent this year documents this just as impressively as do the consistently positive reviews on hotel rating and travel planning websites. On the day of its 20th anniversary the hotel near the port has ranked number one for three months on the popularity index among the 320 hotels in Hamburg which are ranked on the renowned Internet hotel rating and travel planning website TripAdvisor.

    “My birthday wish for our anniversary was to see what has become of all the young apprentices who did their training with THE MADISON as Hotel Specialists,” said Marlies Head during the festive anniversary dinner. In total over 80 apprentices set out on their career path at THE MADISON and more than 50 accepted the owner’s invitation to this occasion. “I wanted to hear, how they have fared in life and I am touched that so many have come to THE MADISON today, even from far away,” said Marlies Head delighted. “Education has always been an important topic at THE MADISON. I, myself, gained so much for my journey through life during my apprenticeship as a Hotel Specialist at Schloss Wilkinghege near Münster and I know how decisive these years are in laying a good foundation for a professional future. Being a hostess is a fulfilling profession. That’s why it is important to me to pass on my experience and to encourage as well as challenge people.”


    Former MADISON Apprentices Professionally Successful 

    Stefanie Thomas climbed the first rungs of her career ladder at THE MADISON while completing her apprenticeship as a Hotel Specialist. Today the 40-year-old lives in London and manages a team of 50, who test software for the hotel booking platform Looking back on her education, she said: “I learned that it’s the little things that count. Guests only come back when they feel completely at home. For me Marlies Head is a role model in how to be perfect while at the same time keeping all the practical details in mind. And from my education I also learned to respect and acknowledge others’ achievements.”

    Gunnar Baum belonged from 1996 to 1998 to the apprentices at THE MADISON. Since April this year the qualified Hotel Specialist is General Manager of Derby Swiss Quality Hotels in Grindelwald, Switzerland. He commented, “I have seen how Marlies Head has supported long-serving employees and has kept them. I find this to be exceptionally positive in our sector, in which the fluctuation rates are high.”

    A good example of a special bond to THE MADISON and Marlies Head is Kristen Kuhl, who also became a qualified Hotel Expert at the hotel from 1996 to 1998 and is today its Assistant F&B Manager. “I am attached to The Madison with heart and head. Here I was able to pursue the professional career that I had always wanted. And I also just love Hamburg! It is ‘my’ city, I had always wanted to stay here,” he explains.

    There are even four employees from the team at THE MADISON who have been with the hotel since the very beginning. Front Office and Marketing Manager Birgit Lüdemann, Head Housekeeper Nicole Sitzlach, Cook Abasse Seide and Hotel Technician Detlef Rausch have accompanied Marlies Head since the day it opened its doors.


    Since Mid-September at the Top of TripAdvisor

    THE MADISON enjoys excellent guest ratings for its 20th anniversary. The users of TripAdvisor, the renowned Internet hotel rating and travel planning website, have continually rated THE MADISON so well, that on its anniversary it has been number one of all 320 hotels in Hamburg for three months already. Especially appreciated are e.g. the personal service, the location, the comfort factor and the hotel’s ambience.

    “Our guests’ ratings are an important indicator which guides us in our work. We are pleased to be able to communicate with our guests in this way when they don’t happen to be at The Madison. This is why we personally take time to answer their questions on TripAdvisor, as well as on other Internet sites, and look forward to praise and naturally also respond to criticism,” explains Thomas Kleinertz, General Manager of THE MADISON.

    Tom Breckwoldt, Territory Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland at TripAdvisor adds: “What used to be one-on-one communication between the hotel and a guest is now one-to-many and takes place more and more online through rating websites. Travelers exchange experience with others, give recommendations and suggest improvements. It is important to partake in this, and to keep an eye on as well as steer your online reputation. Further we know that booking with the hotel directly is preferred and that the new service The Madison uses supports exactly this trend linking directly to its contact details on TripAdvisor. We would like to congratulate The MADISON on this milestone anniversary and wish the hotel much success for the future.”

    The MADISON Hamburg has recorded a successful year 2013 and in comparison to the previous year occupancy has risen 2 percent to 85 percent. This year 350,000 euros were invested in the renovation of the rooms and the lobby.
    Hamburg, 6. Dezember 2013
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